Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fievres Nocturnes (1977)

Fievres Nocturnes (1977)

This one has some great dream sequences, very surreal. The lead actor, Jean-Louis Vattier, is very wooden (pun intended), but his demeanor seems to fit the character. The atmosphere of the film is pure fantasy, so much so that few of the characters resemble anything close to real people, except perhaps the wife and her lesbian lover. Even the psychiatrist seems phony, but then, maybe she's part of the fantasy, too? ;-) As the reviewer says, the boundaries between dreams and reality are blurred. Enjoyable if you don't take it too seriously, which it wasn't meant to be, i suspect... This ain't Fellini, folks. Oh, and Btw, Brigitte Lahaie is absolutely fantastic. No surprise here... 

 Size: 548.2 Mb
 Run Time: 87:27 Minutes

Brigitte Lahaie
 Ursula White
 Jean-Louis Vattier
 Dominique Aveline



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